RiverPiel is born in 2019 in a white village of the mountain range of Cadiz, Ubrique. Internationally well-known for its industry and as a worldwide reference, we are immersed in this project by the hand of true craftsmen who have dedicated their whole lives, body and soul, to the art of leather goods.

Less is more, and our main objective is to create durable, timeless and versatile pieces, placing value on craftsmanship, tradition, quality and giving special importance to sustainable production made in Spain.

What makes our pieces truly valuable is the passion, knowledge and patience of the artisan hands that make them a reality.

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At RiverPiel we offer the best in women's leather bags. The town of Ubrique is known as "The Cradle of Leather", due to the fact that tanning leather has been a tradition in this town for centuries. The beginnings of leather in Ubrique date back to Arab times. This tradition has been taught for generations from father to son, up to the present day, which is taught in workshops and artisan schools. The leather of Ubrique, specialising in leather handbags for women, is known nationally and internationally, as currently 40% of the sector's production is manufactured in Ubrique at national level, and is recognised for its high quality and its cheap leather handbags. In fact, the briefcases and wallets of the current ministers are made in Ubrique.

In our online shop, you will find the best selection of women's leather bags and cheap leather bags, in different colours and shapes. These cheap leather bags are made with genuine cowhide leather by true master craftsmen, by which each high quality cowhide bag is manufactured by experts. You will be able to check their extreme quality, as well as their finishes and small details. These bags are lined on the inside with cotton and have an inside pocket. Discover the cheap leather bags from Ubrique!

At RiverPiel we are manufacturers of women's leather handbags, which means that our products, such as cheap leather handbags, leave our workshop directly to your home. In addition, we offer both national and international shipping. National shipments have a cost of 5 euros in peninsula and 11 euros in Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. International shipments cost 12 euros.

Cowhide leather handbag | Cowhide handbag

As excellent manufacturers of women's leather handbags, we want the material of these accessories to be of the highest quality. When a cowhide handbag is made with premium material like the one we work with at RiverPiel, the resulting cowhide handbag stands out in every way. 

From the touch to the eye, the quality offered by cowhide bags will be distinguished also in the aspect of durability, as the quality of the leather and its treatment greatly influences the wear and tear of the bag. The cowhide is composed of different types of cows, such as bison, oxen, bulls, cows themselves and even buffalo and antelopes join the members of the cowhide. 

It is remarkable the use of this material to understand the importance and difference of our cowhide bags for women. The best way to understand this difference is to buy our cowhide bags and see for yourself the result of a product with a premium material expertly crafted and stamped with our signature. We are sure that you will not regret acquiring the cowhide handbag that RiverPiel is so well known for.

Italian handbags

Italian handbags are known all over the world, as Italy is a benchmark for fashion. There are high quality Italian handbags and recognisable brands such as Nicole & Doris or Firenze Artegiani. These are just a few examples of the best Italian bags on the market. But what makes the difference between the handbags we offer and Italian handbags? We tell you everything you need to know about our handbags and about Italian handbags.

Difference between Italian handbags and RiverPiel bags

We are going to try to go through all the relevant points when buying a bag, so you will have a clearer idea of each individual point. In this short review we will explore the difference in price, the difference in materials and the difference in quality of the final product.

Let's start with the price, which is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to buying Italian handbags. Although in principle Italian handbags and RiverPiel bags seem to be at a similar price point, you have to take into account the other two virtues. If we compare Italian handbags that have a similar quality to RiverPiel bags, our bags are more affordable and by a significant amount. Although the price of the Italian bags may seem like a direct competitor, we must take into account all the features they offer us. In economic terms, the RiverPiel bags outperform the Italian bags.

If we are talking about materials, the best are to be found in the leather town par excellence. Ubrique is mostly dedicated to the production and sale of leather and related articles. RiverPiel chooses quality materials and leaves them in the hands of the most experienced leather bag makers in Ubrique. Although Italian bags have a similar quality of material, they are either overpriced or not handmade. To buy an Italian bag of the same quality as an Ubrique leather bag from Riverpiel, you need a much larger investment.

Finally, the quality of the products. Although Italy is a world leader in fashion, the majority of manufacturers do not have the experience and experience of the leather bag manufacturers in Ubrique. That is why the technique applied in the final product that has been perfected in Ubrique surpasses any other in terms of quality-price. The durability of these bags in relation to Italian bags of the same price is greater. The best materials, the best craftsmen, the best product and at the best price, although Italian bags have quality and taste, RiverPiel products far surpass them in all aspects.